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GreenFoX Drain Water Heat Recovery

There are currently over 74 million Single Family Homes in the U.S., with an average of just under a million new homes added annually. In Canada, new homes are required to have Drain Water Heat Recovery systems included in the construction. DWHR is recognized as the most cost-effective way for homeowners to reduce energy consumption.

Not all homes are designed for the inclusion of DWHR (slab construction, small crawl spaces), but for the majority of homes with basements and multi-story homes, a single GreenFoX DWHR unit will catch most of the hot water going down the drain in either through new construction or retrofit applications. 


GreenFoX Installation

The most effective location is in the basement where the incoming water supply and hot water system is located – normally in a mechanical room. The DWHR unit replaces a vertical section of the main drain stack, where all the drain water goes down before exiting the home out to the sewer or septic tank.

The best places in the U.S. for concentrated market penetration is in the northern part of the country, where the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees in the winter, or wherever homeowners want to save energy, money, and wear and tear on the water heating system.


Reduce Household Energy Use

The average family of four will reduce their energy usage by approximately 2.3 million BTU’s per year. Depending on the what region of the country and utility costs, that equates roughly to a $20-$35 a month reduction in utility costs, plus the extension of the life of the water heating system. Because the GreenFoX is a one-time investment, with no working parts or maintenance, the system will last a lifetime! 


Imagine one in every house! For instance, Colorado Springs has approximately 200,000 single family homes which could potentially reduce the grid energy usage of 460 Trillion BTU’s or 5.5 million THERMS. 

Many utility companies throughout the U.S. continue to offer rebate programs for DWHR.

Typical Water Heating Costs and Monthly Savings


Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Swing Green!


AirFoX De-Superheaters - Residential

In southern states, where air-conditioning is in use almost year-round, the standard AirFoX (for heat pump and A/C systems 2-5 Ton) will produce enough hot water (140 degrees) to supply the average family on a daily basis. For every ton of A/C running, the AirFoX will produce 7-10 gallons per hour. Many areas use electric water heaters that cost double the cost of gas in energy dollars. By adding the AirFoX system to your A/C, you can turn the electrical breaker “off” to your water tank and never run out of hot water.


Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Because the superheat discharge from the A/C is now being used to heat water, the SEER and productive efficiency of the A/C system is increased, while the energy and workload are decreased. This gives considerable savings on water heating costs, the water heater AND the air conditioner/refrigeration system performance and maintenance. The ROI for the AirFoX usually is 1-2 years. With tankless applications, a “no-energy” holding tank is recommended. 

Multi-Family Homes

apartment building efficiency

Condominiums, Apartments, Dorms, & Barracks

– anywhere more than one family occupy a building, hot showers are always a hot commodity and a significant expense. Most facilities use a central water heating system, so pre-heating incoming water with multiple DWHR systems will guarantee that demands are consistently met.


Multiple DWHR Units

The configuration for these types of applications can be one of two ways: single stack or manifold. In cases where the building is on a slab, and there is a spread layout of apartments, typically there are multiple main stacks. The installation would be a single GreenFoX DWHR of 48” or 60” unit on each stack on the ground floor, catching all drain water from the levels above. This installation is applicable for up to 6 stories.


Working Together

Where a building or facility has a central discharge and a basement or adequate room on the 1st floor, a multi-unit manifold system is a practical solution. These can be manifolds of 4, 8 or 16 unit systems, depending on flow and incoming water supply. 

Go Green with Swing Green

For single, multi-family homes, and home builders, Swing Green is proud to offer cost-effective & environmentally friendly methods of reducing everyday water heating and air-conditioning expenses. Giving everyone the opportunity to reap the benefits & advantages of Green Technology.

Custom Home Builders

Value Added Technology

Premier Home Builders that have the most updated technology, design, and style realize continued success and growth. The newest (and smartest) challenge to builders is reducing energy or “net-zero” homes. The Green Energy movement in the U.S. markets is slowly catching up with Europe, Australia, and Canada, and many other efforts to achieve energy efficiency (solar, enveloping, etc.…) are often high cost with a long Return On Investment. The inclusion of the GreenFoX is affordable with a fast ROI that never needs maintenance or attention. For builders that are installing tankless water heaters, especially in northern states, the reduction of performance problems AND complaints from customers is in a word – priceless.

According to the Department of Energy, water heating is one of the top 3 costs to any home or building. The GreenFoX provides a common sense and cost-effective solution that helps to achieve LEED, HERS and RESNET and other industry Green Building standards. 



Swing Green Single Family Home Savings