PoolFoX (PFX) Pool & Spa Heater


Heat your pool and spa for free with your A/C

Capture 100% of the heat energy from your air conditioner that typically blows away into the atmosphere and use it to heat your pool or spa.  And at the same time increase the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump system!


Boost the SEER rating of your A/C

Use your pool water to lower refrigerant temperatures

Install with current pool water heating system or as a standalone unit


PoolFoX Pool & Spa Heater Technical Specs

• High-efficiency corrugated titanium coil

• Corrosion resistant PVC plastic shell

• 600 psig DWP coil suitable for R-410A 

      & other refrigerants with 200°F maximum

• Handles up to 75 psig pool loops @ 55 gpm maximum

• Easy installation with 5/8″ OD sweat copper 

      and 2″ female socket connections