IceFoX (IFX) Commercial Ice Machine Pre-Chiller


Simple add-on for commercial ice making machines

The IceFoX is an inlet water pre-chiller. It recycles the “cold” energy by using melted ice water to pre-chill incoming freshwater.  This simple solution lowers the temperature of the incoming water-reducing freeze time and increasing production.

• Reduces workload and increases efficiency

• Reduces equipment wear and tear

• Reduces energy use and Green House Emissions


Applications include hotels, restaurants, bars and any other place that uses large amounts of ice, especially in warm climates!  Contact us for special applications and quantity pricing.

• Available in 1 1/2” and 2” DWV diameter 

• Custom designed systems available

• Manufactured to maximize thermal transfer

• Meets potable water standards & plumbing codes

• Double wall vented construction

• ASTM B306 DWV 

• NSF 61 ASTM B88 0.05” Type L waterline


What Alliance For Water Efficiency says about Commercial Ice Makers

Ice makers use more water than just the water contained in the ice. This equipment can often be very inefficient in water use.  The typical icemaker uses 2 or 3 times more water than needed to make the ice we consume.   These water using machines can be found everywhere; hospitals account for 39.4 percent of all commercial ice-maker purchases, followed by hotels (22.3 percent), restaurants (13.8 percent), retail outlets (8.5 percent), schools (8.5 percent), offices (4.3 percent) and grocery stores (3.2 percent).