DataFoX (DFX) Heat Recovery System Monitoring


Data Logging and Monitoring

• Scrolling LCD Monitor

• Removable SD Memory Card

• Basic, Ethernet or WiFi 

Add a DataFoX to your heat recovery systems and watch temperatures live on the scrolling display and download the data for your enjoyment. Or connect with us for a live internet feed and show the world how much YOU are saving with your Swing Green Heat Recovery Systems!


System Data Collected

• Time and date

• Freshwater supply in/out

• Drain water temperatures in/out

• Current Flow Rate (GPM)

• BTU rate of recovery per hour

• Internet connection

• Unit Heat Transfer Efficiency

• Ambient Air Temperature

Custom orders and configurations welcome! 


Add a DataFoX Monitor & watch your savings grow!

The DataFoX will work with all of Swing Green's Energy Recovery products.