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Almost all businesses use large volumes of hot water, which after initial use, goes down the drain system. Most of the hot water dumped holds energy that can be recovered. 

Because of the quantity of wasted energy from hot water, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, new incoming water can be heated using that energy. This not only helps the water heating and HVACR systems but will also substantially reduce facility operating expenses. 

GreenFoX Drain Water Heat Recovery

Multiple GreenFoX units in a manifold configuration are ideal for hospitals, restaurants, processing plants, and other establishments that use a large amount of hot water for daily operations. In addition to pre-heating incoming water, these cooling towers will effectively cool 400-degree waste water down to ecologically safe levels before being released into the sewage system or cooling ponds.  Some applications may need a high-temperature catch and pump system.

AirFoX Heat Recovery Unit

The AirFoX pairs with a/c units and refrigeration systems to redirect the superheat from blowing out into the atmosphere and uses it to heat water. Designed for operation with chiller systems from 5 – 200+ tons, they will reduce water heating costs year round. 

These systems are used in conjunction with the GreenFoX for the ultimate waste energy recovery by improving the entire water heating process.


Turn-Key Sustainable Building Practices

IceFoX Pre-Chiller

Commercial ice machines in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., often have a hard time keeping up with demand and are far from energy efficicent. The problem increases in the southern regions where the incoming water is sometimes more than 85 degrees, creating a longer cycle time to reduce the water temperature to freezing, increasing the amount of energy used in the refrigeration process. 

The IceFoX installs behind and under the machine directing the ice melt through gravity volume-flow chiller. By pre-chilling the water to under 50 degrees, the ice machine uses less energy between cycles and reduces cycle time by over 50% (30 minutes to 13 minutes). 

DataFoX System Monitoring

Swing Green has created a customizable data logging and monitoring widget where you can watch temperatures and energy use live for any of our Green products.  Collect the data and download for long time view of savings.  Opt-in to connect with us and show your clients the benefits of waste heat recovery. 

Common Applications for Waste Energy Recovery

Hospitality & Tourism


Medical Facilities

Commercial Laundries


Food Processing Plants

Fitness Centers & Spas


in Facilities with High Hot Water Use & Chiller Systems

Dairy Farms

Meat Processing



Grease Traps

Commercial Ice Machines

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