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Check out this great video and see how easy it is to reap the benefits of renewable energy using drain water heat recovery. Simple Green Energy, how great is that?

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GreenFoX installed

The GreenFoX is a copper coil and tube heat exchanger that uses Gravity Film eXchange Technology known as a GFX. As hot water goes down the inside of a drain pipe, it naturally clings to the inner surface in a very thin film. The heat from this film transfers to the incoming cold water that is circulating up the coils and around the outside of the heat exchanger. The water is preheated up to 80 degrees before it goes into the water heater where it is heated to the desired temperature. 


AirFoX heat recovery unit

The AirFoX is an all copper dual coil heat exchanger in an all steel, weatherproof cabinet. It helps any air conditioning or refrigeration system by lowering the extreme heat of the compressed liquid gas to reduce pressure head and energy consumption. It increases efficiency and SEER ratings while producing potable 140-degree water and reduces watering heating costs. 


PoolFoX pool and spa heater

The PoolFoX uses the same principles as the AirFoX. Encased in PVC tubing, the hot gases cycle through a titanium coil surrounded by the chemically treated water from pools and spas. By using the superheat from air conditioners, you can increase water temperature 1 degree per hour until the desired temperature is achieved, replacing expensive pool heating systems and decreasing operational costs. For enclosed pools that use air conditioning to control mold and mildew, this is a perfect complement to your pool system. 


commercial ice machine fix

The IceFoX is an all copper pre-chiller, using a patented flow technology. It uses the draining ice-cold melt-water, which usually goes down the floor drain, and lowers the incoming fresh water to below 50 degrees. The colder water increases the performance and efficiency of commercial ice machines while decreasing energy consumption and cycle times by 50%. 


heat recovery data logger

Swing Green's exclusive monitoring system helps homes and business measure actual savings and energy reduction. Many utility companies offer custom rebates for monitoring systems.  The DataFoX tracks temperatures and flow rates of incoming and outgoing water, calculates BTU energy savings, and system efficiency. 

Solar Panels

cheap solar panels

Solar Panels at highly discounted prices by the pallet, container, or truckload. New, factory tested and packaged with the manufacturer’s complete warranty. These come from bankruptcies, project cancellations, or are discontinued models. Quantities and manufacturers change daily, so call today!